Acropora Coral Care Sheet

Class Anthozoa, Subclass Hexacorallia, Order Scleractinia, Family Acroporidae, Genus Acropora

Common Names: staghorn coral, table coral, branching or plating

Lighting: Acropora grow faster and stronger under intense lighting, though they are adaptable when it comes to light. Beware of changing lighting conditions too quickly or bleaching will occur. You will need to acclimate the coral before making any significant changes to lighting.

Feeding: Acropora consume small particles and have difficulty capturing prey because of their small polyps. A good food of choice is oyster eggs, zooplankton, and phytoplankton but make sure you provide a good variety of food.

Water Flow: This species grows better under more turbulent water conditions. They should be placed in the highest area of water flow.

Placement: Keep them up higher in the tank and away from more aggressive coral.

Difficulty of Care: They are very sensitive to changes in the water and thus need to be introduced in a tank that has been established for at least one year. They are more likely to develop diseases and flatworms, small crustaceans, and nudibranches prey on them. Each new acropora needs to be inspected and then quarantined before introducing them to the aquarium.

Aggression: Keep this variety away from more aggressive reefs, because they are defenseless against other colonies.